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est. june 1st, 2013

meave / 18 / ENFP

cr: HOT-CHA ♡ please do not edit.

cr: HOT-CHA ♡ please do not edit.

totalntrain replied to your post: vixx’s personalities are so extreme an…

*still wants Ouran High school vixx club to be a thing*

i would pay very good money to see this

vixx’s personalities are so extreme and varied they remind me of a slice of life anime


140913 Poland Fan MeetingClose To You DO NOT EDIT


140913 Poland Fan Meeting
Close To You DO NOT EDIT

so cute ;;;;


me when I see a train:  look there’s a train

Anonymous asked: meave its ania u know what vixx were in poland i didnt see them my heart is in pieces i cry

ANIIAAAA as soon as i heard about vixx in poland i thought about you and whether you knew. IM CRYING FOR YOU TOO. 

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